Week 2 Challenge!


Hello, Jewelbot Lovers! Every week I will give a theme. Everyone will try to do a program with that theme. I will take suggestions. This is open to everyone. For week one, The theme is…Music! Try to make the coolest program you can think of. You will have till saturday, So get coding!:headphones::musical_score::microphone: You can put your code under “Look What I Made”


YAY! I will definitely do this!


Great theme idea!


Thank you!!!


I really want to do this, but my weeks have been going by so fast! I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to it. I’d still like to do the prompt - I love music.


If you want, I could give you till 7:00.


Not worth it, unfortunately. I live across the ocean and am going to bed now. Thanks for the offer! I’ll try to do next week.


Okay, well there’s always next time!


If you want, you can pick the theme!


That would be great! Could it be Weather? I like that idea.