Updates not working


So whenever I try to update Arduino, it doesn’t say Jewelbots Firmware Update, it says Factory Firmware Update. Also, the port doesn’t have a number serial port, the serial port says it’s a Bluetooth incoming port. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Make sure that your jewel bot is plugged into your computer before, so that it can recognize it. If it is, then your JewelBot might need updating. Also, make sure that when you search for the board that it is the right one and then you should make a blank code and upload it to your JewelBot.
I hope this helps :sweat_smile: I haven’t really done a lot of coding in similar to it. Update me if it gets fixed.
Best of luck!


Hey! Let’s get you going ASAP. What kind of computer are you using?


I use a MacBook Air.


Okay. Can you try using a different USB and seeing if the port number comes up? Are you using the one that came with your Jewelbots?


I am using the one that came with my Jewelbot.


Got it, do you have another one around your house that you could try?


Yeah, I can!


Great, let me know if that makes it better. If it doesn’t lmk we can try other things.