Intro to Coding Jewelbots + "Make a Game!" Pre-Made Presentation


Here is a link to a Google Slides presentation that has the “Make a Game” activity that Jewelbots teaches at hackathons and events! (Game is also known as “Catch the Leprechaun”).

It comes with details and tips in the speaker notes! :slight_smile:

This presentation can be used as a reference to create more extended lessons since things like LEDs or library classes could be expanded on. You can also use this to duplicate the Jewelbots hackathon experience.

If you have any questions, ask below!


This is the material we use at our Jewelbots Build events, feel free to ask any questions about the content here or reach out to me directly.


Approximately how long does this lesson to do with the girls?


Hello! We find it usually takes about 2 hours.