How do you private message someone?


I would like to try private messaging someone but i don’t know how, please help!!


Hey Netta! Have you gone to the main Jewelbots page, then gone to the friends section, and then selecting messaging? Once you go there, it will give you step-by-step instructions on exactly how to send messages.

Happy coding!


I cant find the friends section though.


Use this: Then, on the left of the screen, click friends and then messaging.


I have one more question… How far away can the jewelbots be apart but still be able to send messages to eachother?


I would say if you can, get it as close as possible. I would think that it would go pretty far (depending on where you are), but just to be sure, try to get them as close as possible.:blush:


Okie Dokie. thank-you for all your help @itsmelivy!!!