Hi there! I am Molly Finnley!


Hello everyone! I am Molly, I am 13, and I live in Iowa. I am really excited to be joining the Jewelbots ambassador family! I hope to get to e-meet every one on the forums! (So please say hi :wave::raising_hand_woman:


Hi Molly! So excited that you are joining the community!


Thank you!!! :smiley: @elliegalloway


Hey! I’m Eleanor.


Hello Eleanor! It’s nice to e-meet you!


Hello Molly! My name is Kora! I live in Iowa too!


Hi Molly, I am Naomi


Hello Kora! It’s cool that you live in Iowa too! And hello Naomi!


Hi, Molly! I’m Cy! I hope you like it here with us!


Hello Cy! I’m sure that I will!