Hi! My name is Sarah!


Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Sankel, I live in NJ, and I am 10 years old. My favourite hobbies are reading, playing basketball and playing the piano. I am homeschooled. My dads job is computer programing so I’m learning a lot of coding from him. I hope I will get to know some of you by writing!


Hi @SarahS! I’m also a Sara, was homeschooled and grew up in NJ! Welcome to the Jewelbots community!


Wow! That is amazing!


Hi, Sarah! I’m in my mid-teens, go by Cy on here, and I’m also homeschooled and enjoy playing the piano! Reading is also one of my favorite things. I hope you like it here!


Hi Cy! Where do you live? :slight_smile:


Hello @SarahS I am @Cloudjumper ! But my name is Kora, welcome! I am 13 and live in Iowa!


Hello @SarahS I am Naomi!


Hello Kora and Naomi!:blue_heart::fireworks:


Hi, Sara! Welcome! :gift_heart:




Hello, Sarah Welcome!


Hello! @SarahS I am Molly!