Hi Ambassadors, what colors do you like?


What about Greenery charm with Island Paradise and Primrose Yellow bands?


Ohh. How about if you end up doing a lilac, is that for the charm and greenery as the band


I like that!


I love that idea. so Lilac charm and greenery band?


I love all these ideas. I saw that Target has Jewelbots online, so are they still available through Target? I would really like to get one for my birthday, which is in May!


Yes! They are on Target.com. Happy Birthday! Mine is May 5th.


I like Island Paradise for the band, and this may sound weird, but is clear possible for the charm? I thought it might be cool because its would go with anything, and the colors would be really easy to see. Also, again a weird recommendation, but a black band would be really nice because it would make the Jewelbot more ‘professional’ looking, and it would blend in more at even a formal event. Just some ideas :slight_smile:


Clear is cool, I like the idea of a black band. We were thinking of getting a survey together and sending it out. We will look into if we can do clear.


Are you guys thinking of doing patterned bands or ones with metallic or glitter accents anytime soon? I’d really like to see one with gold or rose gold anything!


oh man, you have no idea how hard we found for sparkles, @lizzie. Those are possible, but they may come later.


Yes please!


OOOO. That sounds cool!


I think that a sky blue flower with a black charm and a Royal purple band would be beautiful :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I love the first one!


I love the one marked C.


I would love to have: 801 for the band, and: island paradise for the flower, and: 807 for the rest of the charm! :heart_eyes:


I love Pale Dogwood, Island Paradise, Pink Yarrow, and Niagara the best. But honestly, they are all super cute colors!


The jewelbots should be turquoise and the bands should be light pink!!! :heart_eyes:


Or maybe the Jewelbots should be dark blue and the bands lilac!!!


That would be so pretty!