Hey there. I'm Annika and I love Pugs (and Jewelbots)


Hey there. I met some of you (Sara, Quymbee) at the HackaThon in NYC on 11/18, which is the first time I got ahold of a Jewelbot and got to program one. I had SO MUCH FUN!!! The stuff I am about to list isn’t really relevant but: I love baking, coding reading, doing DIYs, unicorns, hugs, pugs, and clothes from Justice. Anyway, everyone I met was very nice and helped me when my Dad and I needed something.



Hello @AnnikaLuvsPugs I am @Cloudjumper but my name is Kora!


Hey there Annika! I love pugs too. PUG POWER! :joy:


Hi Annika!! My name is Netta! Welcome to the jewelbot world!!!
Happy coding!!!


I am @sirmewy. It is so cool that you went to a hackathon!